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You should replace your oil filter every time you carry out an oil change. Typically, that means every 10,km for a petrol car, or every 15,km for a. While technically you don't have to get the oil filter changed with every oil replacement, it is still a good idea. The oil filter keeps the oil in your. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your oil and filters changed every 5,km to 10,km or every six months - whichever comes first. But there are.

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Despite an Engine Oil & Filter Change being an essential part of car maintenance it is not classed as a service as it does not cover the full range of vehicle. It used to be said that you should have an oil change every 3, miles, but these days, most drivers can go 7, to 10, miles between oil change services. Steps · Setup. Put vehicle in park or in gear, apply the handbrake, and chock the wheels. · Add engine flush. Before breaking out the tools, open the oil filler.

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Book an oil and filter change online now with BestDrive by Continental. Trust us to keep your car running smoothly. Find great value & expert staff at. Here you will find Nissan oil change, oil filters replacement & Nissan oil change service you can have at your local Nissan dealership as part of the Nissan. Every engine is different and requires a specific grade of oil - always consult your car's handbook or refer to Haynes for the correct type. Some high-.