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For Guests with small children, strollers are available for rent at Shanghai Disneyland on a first-come, first-served basis. You can find strollers for rent. #3 – Rent one from City Stroller Rentals. Your stroller will be delivered the morning of your arrival at the bell services or the concierge area of your hotel. Jun 14, - Disneyland Stroller Rentals are extremely helpful when taking toddlers and young children to Disneyland. Use a stroller in Disneyland for.

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Stroller rentals are available at all four Walt Disney World Parks. The rental price is $15 per day for a single and $31 per day for a double. However, Disney's preferred provider for strollers and other mobility solutions like wheelchairs and ECVs, is ScooterBug. Disneyland stroller rentals from. Double stroller rentals are $31 per day or $27 per day for a length of stay rental. Also inconvenient is the fact that strollers can be used only in the park.

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One of the most common questions we receive is, how much is a stroller rental at Disney? And the cost of renting a stroller can vary depending on who you decide. Disney Stroller Rental by Magic Strollers. We provide affordable, high-quality Orlando stroller rental and we are very proud to be a Disney Featured. Disney Stroller Rental, Car Seat Rental And Crib Rental For The Anaheim & Disneyland Area · Traveling Baby Company in Anaheim, CA. Delivery/ Pickup $25 Roundtrip.