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Agent Orange was one of the weed-killing chemicals used by the U.S. military in The VA pays disability compensation to Vietnam veterans with injuries or. Because of this, the VA currently only grants compensation for conditions caused by Agent Orange exposure to vets who served in these locations (or on the. Veterans may be eligible for disability compensation and health care benefits for diseases that VA has recognized as associated with exposure to Agent.

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Exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange and other chemicals adversely during the Vietnam War can receive tax-free monthly compensation from the VA if. If your father did not file a claim for service-related disability compensation, a family member can file a claim. If a Vietnam veteran dies of a medical. If you believe you were exposed to Agent Orange, you need to know how the VA likely that your claim for VA disability compensation will be approved.

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It was discovered that veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange have a statistically greater likelihood for developing prostate cancer. Since Agent Orange. Veterans exposed to Agent Orange receive a presumptive service connection for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for the loss of a reproductive organ. Normally, to obtain VA disability compensation, a veteran must show three things: (1) a current disability, (2) an in-service injury or illness, and (3) a link.