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You may love all of the princesses but which Disney princess are you? Let's find out by this simple personality quiz. Which Disney Princess Are You? Written by Deena Bustillo. Begin Quiz. of. SCORE: 0. (opens in a new window). Next Question. Advertisement. like based on actual personality traits not ur favorite animal. the disney princess we projected onto was the forming vessel of our personality you can't.

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Which Disney princess are you? Disney isn't only famous for its most beloved character Mickey Mouse, but also for its beautiful princesses. Think you know which Disney princess you are? Take this quiz to find out. Which Disney Princess are you? Find your perfect princess match! Quiz Questions. 1. My ideal wedding venue is. A.

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Reader, reader, on the net, which princess is the fairest yet? Maybe it's you! Find out which of Disney's princesses you are, from Cinderella to Mulan. Which Disney Princess Are You? quiz Personality test to find out which Disney Princess you are most similar to or resemble the most. Are you one of the. Which Modern Disney Princess Are You? Are you much more of a Moana or Rapunzel than you ever were a Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?